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Etne has three nature reserves: Brattholmen, Skåno and Langebudalen. The village of Skånevik is best known for its timber-framed buildings and decorative shop-fronts. This is also the reason why Skånevik is often called the "Pearl of Sunnhordaland". Langfoss waterfall is one of the worlds ten most beautiful waterfalls.

Åkrafjorden, AAkrafjorden Åkrafjorden is an arm of Skånevikfjord in the municipal Kvinnherad and Etne. Åkrafjorden is 32 km long and 650 meters at its deepest. Åkrafjorden is deeply tapered with steep sides. The highest point in the municipality is Folgefonna (1638 meters), Highest peak is Skorfestenuten (1484 meters). The mountains on the south side of Åkrafjorden is around 1400 meters.

Langfossen waterfall fall around 612 meters, where it leaps out into Åkrafjorden. The waterfall is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway.
 Magne Langåker