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The coastal strip stretching from Horten to Åsgårdstrand offers unique experiences for bird and animal watchers. Åsgårdstrand is best known as the place where Edvard Munch painted "The Girls on the Bridge". The National Park with its famous Borrehaugene grave-mounds is both a nature and historical experience.

the Navy Museum Horten has become a town noted for its special museums. The town is home to four exciting museums, offering something for all age groups.

Three of them came about thanks to visionary individuals who enjoyed collecting things and wanted to share them with the public. THE NAVY MUSEUM was, however, established by Royal Decree in 1853. A common characteristic is that all four facilities are without equal and are known throughout the world. The museums lie along the coastal strip, with Northern Europe´s oldest and most beautiful maritime museum located at Horten´s historic naval base.

 Ulf Larsen