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A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. The lower part of the Drammen River is rich in forests, farms and vantage points. The inhabitants live in the villages Skotselv, Vestfossen, Darbu and the small town of Hokksund.


 Fiskum Church  
Darbu, Fiskum Church

Darbu is a village located on the Sørland Line Railway, about midway between Kongsberg and Hokksund. Here is Fiskum Church and the most important heritage is Fiskum Old Church (Fiskum Gamle Kirke).

Fiskum Church at Darbu is built in 1866 and was burned down in januar 1902. You can find the Fiskum Church on Fv 73.

Fiskum old Church is a medieval, Romanesque church dating from approximately 1200 A.D. The church was dedicated to Saint Olav. Fiskum Old Church was constructed in a rectangular shape and built of stone.

 Bjørn Hansen