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A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. The lower part of the Drammen River is rich in forests, farms and vantage points. The inhabitants live in the villages Skotselv, Vestfossen, Darbu and the small town of Hokksund.



Hokksund is the administrative centre, and largest town in Øvre Eiker. The Drammenselva river flows through the town, 500 meters from the centre. Hokksund has developed on both sides of the river. Half of the municipality live in Hokksund, where the Town Hall, a typical specimen of Scandinavian architecture of the 1960´s, dominates the centre. It also contains a swimming pool, library and service centre.

A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. Eiker is also famous for the Nøstetangen glassworks and Hassel ironworks, silver mines and burial mounds.

 Bjørn Hansen