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Vågan municipality includes almost all of the islands of Austvågøy, Gimsøy and a number of small islands, among them Henningsvær and Skrova. Svolvær is the "capital" of Lofoten, and an important junction for the entire region. Lofoten´s cod fishing season is between January and April.

 Lofoten Aquarium  
Lofoten Aquarium The Lofoten Aquarium is situated in Storvågan near Kabelvåg. At the Lofoten Aquarium you have the chance to study our exiting marine life, with fish and sea mammals from Lofoten and the North Norwegian coastline.

Here you can explore living creatures from their habitat by the water´s edge to the deepest depths of the sea, while at the same time gaining insight into the marine ecosystem. With its 23 large and small aquarium tanks, the Lofoten Aquarium caters for all ranges.
 Trond Østgaard