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Arendal has gone from being a small southern village, based around seven small islands, to become the tenth largest town in Norway in terms of population. Other villages in the municipality include Tromøy, Rykene, Eydehavn, Strengereid, Kongshamn, Kilsund, and Hisøy.

Arendal powerboat

Norwegian Grand Prix powerboat racing is the largest and fastest boat race in Norway. 40 - 50 foot racing boats with 2500 horsepower engines and top speeds of 225 km/h. Boat parade through the streets of the town. Start and finish at Pollen.

Pollen, the guest boat harbour in the centre of Arendal, is situated right at the centre of the town´s restaurant area with its bustling nightlife. Rådhusbrygga, a quiet and peaceful guest harbour at the furthest end of Tyholmen.