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 the Royal Family

Oslo is surrounded by forest and fjord. An important part of the city´s political tradition is to preserve the fjord and the area surrounding the city for leisure and outdoor pursuits. Oslomarka is used by thousands of skiers and hikers all the year round thanks to restrictions in the urbanization of the city. Some of the major sports events in Oslo will be the Grete Waitz Race, the Holmenkollen Relay, Oslo Marathon and the Holmenkollen Ski Festival.

Oslo is a ski-eldorado with over 2,000 km (1250 miles) of prepared ski tracks for cross-country skiing and many ski lifts for alpine skiing. The tracks are also used throughout the rest of the year: Bærumsmarka, Nordmarka and Østmarka are all places where many people meet every weekend.

Tryvann Winter Park is located at the top of Holmenkollen, only 20 minutes from downtown Oslo is the city’s alpine facility, and Wyllerløypa is the alpine facility located in from Sørkedalen. All runs are floodlit for night skiing.

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