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 Vøringsfossen waterfall

The district centree is Nedre Eidfjord and Øvre Eidfjord. Steep mountains surrounding a beautiful fjord, a mighty powerful waterfall, majestic glaciers in the horizon and a mountain plateau with roaming herds of reindeer. Vøringsfossen waterfall in Måbødalen is perhaps the most famous waterfall in Norway with a total fall of 182 meters, of which approximately 145 meters vertically down.

1 km from Eidffjord, direction Simadalen, you will find Kråkeskarvet beach. Go about 2 more km and you will arriva at Stavanes. Ideal for children because of long tidal flats.

Hardangervidda is Northern Europe´s largest high-mountain plateau. An eldorado for mountain hikers with tent and fishing rod. The area is renowned for its numerous lakes and rivers abundant in fish. If you are lucky, you can witness herds of several thousand wild reindeer in the winter – show respect, do not disturb the reindeer.

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