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 The city of Bergen

Fløyen or Fløyfjellet (originally written Fløien) is the most visited of the seven mountains that surround the city centre of Bergen. It has a funicular system Fløibanen that transports passengers from the centre of Bergen to a height of 320 metres in roughly 8 minutes, and the actual highest point (425 metres) on Fløifjellet is approximately 1 km to the northeast. The funicular is used by tourists and citizens alike year-round.

Fløibanen is a funicular in Bergen, which runs up the mountain of Fløyen. Fløibanen was officially opened on 15 January 1918. You have not really seen Bergen before you ascend to the roof of Bergen on the Fløibanen funicular.

Fløibanen´s lower station is located in the centre of Bergen, just a short walk from two of Bergen´s other famous attractions, the Fish Market and Bryggen.

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