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The Aula paintings

University Hall or "Aula", was built as an extension to the back of Domus Media to the university´s 100th anniversary in 1911. Principal W.C. Brogger was an important driving force to build the auditorium, which was funded by private donors. The foundation stone was laid in 1841, and the plant was in use from 1851.

Edvard Munch has left its mark on the auditorium building. He painted 11 paintings that decorate the university´s auditorium from 1909 to 1916 in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the University of Oslo. The monumental task is considered one of the first major secular decorations in Norway. In April 1940 the Munch paintings dismantled and evacuated because it was feared that the Aula building could be bombed. After the bombings in 1943 and the fire in the Aula in november images were transported to mines in Kongsberg.

The pictures was pasted on boards and hung up in the Aula in 1946. Designs "Alma Mater" originally hung "Alma Mater" in the Aula, it is now in the Munch Museum, "Sun" and "History" paintings were restored and cleaned to the university 200th anniversary in 2011. Prior to that, also in 1926, 1946, 1957 and 1973, "The Sun" and "History" also in 1986.

The Aula is only open for the public during events.

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