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 Owner:  Leon Black

The landscape in the background on the Scream is the Oslofjord, viewed from Ekeberg.

Edvard Munch created the four versions in various media. The National Gallery, holds one of two painted versions. The Munch Museum holds the other painted version and a pastel version from 1893.

The fourth version (pastel, 1895), was privately owned by Petter Olsen and he sold the painting to raise funds to build a museum in Hvitsten, where Munch once owned property and near where Olsen has an estate, to house the rest of his father´s collection.

Olsen´s version was sold for $ 119,922,500 at Sotheby´s Impressionist and Modern art auction on 2 May 2012 to financier Leon Black, the highest nominal price paid for a painting at auction.


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