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Beside the fjord and the nature farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Vestby. Vestby muncipality includes the villages Vestby, Hølen, Hvitsten, Garder, and Son.

Hauger pond, Nøkken, Noekken, Water Sprite

The painter Theodor Kittelsen bought a house in Hvitsten and during the summer of 1895. Theodor Kittelsen drew a sketch of the Nøkken (Water Sprite) painting by Hauger pond.

Hvitsten is an idyllic bathing and recreation area by the fjord with historic buildings and wonderful surroundings. Hvitsten expanded during the 19th century as ship owners stored their boats there for the winter, and the officers and crew settled in the area. Several well known artists have links with Hvitsten.

 Bjørn Hansen