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A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. The lower part of the Drammen River is rich in forests, farms and vantage points. The inhabitants live in the villages Skotselv, Vestfossen, Darbu and the small town of Hokksund.


 M/S Eikern  
The boat M/S Eikern

The boat M/S Eikern takes you on a journey through one of Norways most beautiful landscapes. We arrange cruises and sightseeing trips for companies and groups. M/S Eikern have a nice cafeteria with a capasity of 35 persons. On request we serve different types of food.

On sundeck there are approx. 30 seats, where you can enjoy the fantastic view. The capasity is 63 passangeres. During the summer months, there are open trips for individuals every sunday, starting from Vestfossen to Eidsfoss (every sunday in July and the three first in August).