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 the City of Arendal
 Canal Street
 Hove Festival
 Norwegian Grand Prix

Arendal has grown from a traditional sleepy summer-town (with culture activities just in the summer) to a more "all year" city. The building of the new library and the combined city hall/concert house has greatly improved culture life. Every year Offshore Class 1 boat race for 40 - 50 foot racing boats with 2500 horsepower engines and top speeds of 225 km/h. Boat parade through the streets of the town. Start and finish at Pollen.

Canal Street is Arendals yearly jazz and bluesfestival during the summer. The popularity of the arrangement has been steadily increasing. Hove Festival located on the Island Tromøy just outside Arendal.

In 1992, Tyholmen received the Europa Nostra prize for being Europe´s best preserved part of a town. Pollen, the guest boat harbour in the centre of Arendal, is situated right at the centre of the town´s restaurant area with its bustling nightlife. Rådhusbrygga, a quiet and peaceful guest harbour at the furthest end of Tyholmen.

 Airport Kristiansand Airport  Kjevik
 NSB The Sørland Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Arendal
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Arendal
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