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 The city of Lillestrøm
 Canary Fans
 Lake Øyeren
 Automobile Museum

Skedsmo muncipality lies in the middle of Oslo on one side and Gardermoen (main airport) on the other. Lillestrøm is the "capital" and the heart of the area called Romerike. Stretching from Østfold county in the south, to lake Mjøsa, Norway´s biggest lake, in the north, and from Oslo to the border with Sweden, Romerike offers you lots of beautiful places and experiences.

Today Lillestrøm is a triving commercial city. It´s geographical position has always been a strength to Lillestrøm centrally placed to the new principal airport of Gardermoen.

But even today Lillestrøm appears as a cosy small town, centrally positioned at a junction giving easy access to all of eastern Norway. Soccer has always been great in Lillestrøm, and Lillestrøm Sports Klubb, LSK, is the football club that by far has stayed the longest in the Norwegian Top League.

You will find Nebbursvollen open-air Bath and Recreational area with several outdoor pools both for children and grown ups. Surrounding Nebbursvolden is a pleasant recreational area where you can see several species of birds or try your luck fishing in the river Nitelva. You may even spot the exclusive Fish eagle hovering in the sky, watching for prey.

Just 10 km south of Lillestrøm, lies the Nature Reservation of Northern Øyeren. Here Norway´s longest river pours into our forth greatest lake Øyeren. Forming a natural delta unique to this part of the world.

 Airport Oslo Airport Gardermoen (Internationale)  Gardermoen
 NSB The Airport Express Train take 10 minutes to OSL.  Lillestrøm
 Coach The Airport Express Coach operates practically all over Norway.  Lillestrøm
 more video Akershus Accommodation, Businesses and more pictures from Skedsmo  Lillestrøm