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The copper of the Statue of Liberty in New York came from Karmøy. A pearl in the West Located at the southernmost tip of Karmøy, where the lighthouses peer out ouer Skudefjord and the North Sea, lies the charming harbour and fishing village of Skudeneshavn.

 Homen light  
Homen fyr, Homen light

The name itself has an interesting meaning: "an island which acts as a screen against the sea". The blend of sea-atmosphere, charming fishing villages and long history give Karmøy a unique character. Modern history has also found its place here and has heen built up in close harmony with the more traditional activities of fishing and agriculture.

The south of Karmøy offers mile after mile of beautiful heathland and white, sandy beaches.

 Geir Roald Røstenskar