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Norway is officially the best place in the world to live, according to the UN. The country, with more than 30% of the land covered by forests, rivers and lakes. Nearly half is given over to mountain ranges.

Skudeneshavn Skudeneshavn Skudeneshavn Åkrehamn, AAkrehamn Åkrehamn, AAkrehamn
Karmsund Bridge Karmsund Bridge avaldsnes, St. Olav´s Church avaldsnes, St. Olav´s Church deer
waves Sandvesanden Homen fyr, Homen light Homen fyr, Homen light Feøy, Feoey
Geitungen fyr, Geitungen light Geitungen fyr, Geitungen light Statue of Liberty, Visnes karmøysundet, karmoeysundet kopervik
kopervik kopervik