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Drammen, the capital of Buskerud. The city grew up around the Drammen River estuary, and the river formed the basis of its proud history as a seaport. Drammen have adopting the areas around the river to create recreational, cultural and residential areas and walking trails along the riverside to enjoy. Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

 Drammen Riverpark  
drammen riverpark After a huge effort performed by several parties, the river has been cleaned and it is now again possible to swim here or to fish the river abounds in fish. Footpaths and green areas have been established along the banks, to be enjoyed by cyclists and walkers.

Drammen Camping is set in lovely surroundings by Drammen River, just 5 km from the centre of town. 20 cabins for hire and pitches for about 150 caravans / tents.Drammen River is one of Norway´s best salmon rivers. One of the best places and the most popular area is the stretch up to Hokksund and Hellefossen, with a large sale of angling cards during the season.
 Kjell Ove Olaussen