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Drammen, the capital of Buskerud. The city grew up around the Drammen River estuary, and the river formed the basis of its proud history as a seaport. Drammen have adopting the areas around the river to create recreational, cultural and residential areas and walking trails along the riverside to enjoy. Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

pølsesvingen, poelsesvingen There is no problem using a fishing rod from the banks of the river. A good fishing site is at the bend Øvre Sund, the local call this place Pølsesvingen. A wooden sculpture, carved with a chainsaw, of a whopper of a salmon stands there as a symbol of the abundant fish populations that inhabit the river. On the top of the hill hidden by bushes lies The blue House from 1912.

On the other side of the river you find the boathouse at Mossegården, named after its founder Abraham Moss. This was the headquarter for the producer of the genuine Drammen Aquavit.
 Morthen Horgen