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Forsand has a wealth of nature. The famous, 40 km long Lysefjord, surrounded by impressive mountains as the Pulpit Rock, Kjeragbolten has been a magnet for tourists for over 150 years. The Lysebotn road with it´s 27 hairpin curves Øygaardstøl Cafe has become another great tourist attraction, almost through coincidence; it was built as part of the power station project and not with tourists in mind.

 Hollesli Harbour  
hollesli harbour Forsand is located within the constraints of two fjords, Lysefjord and Høgsfjord. Lysefjord is 42 kilometres in length and extends to the east, whereas Høgsfjord extends to the south.

Høgsfjorden starts near Idse in Strand and ends near Frafjord in Gjesdal. The Lysefjord branches off from the Høgsfjord near the village Forsand. The fjord is 1500 meters wide and has a maximum depth of 170 meters.
 Per Jostein Haaland