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Picture from Ålesund

 General information: Moa Golfclub is a 6 holes approved with an extra 3 holes. The course and Drivingrange is open at all hours in daylight. Indoor in the large barn will be a 16" Putting Gren, and upstairs Drivingrange with GolfSimulator.
 Location: Møre and Romsdal County. The course is lacated at Moa shopping cetre centrally in Ålesund.
 May - October  Greencard  NOK 100,-  NOK 100,-

 1  xxx  xxx  x
 2  xxx  xxx  x
 3  xxx  xxx  x
 4  xxx  xxx  x
 5  xxx  xxx  x
 6  xxx  xxx  x
 7  xxx  xxx  x
 8  xxx  xxx  x
 9  xxx  xxx  x
 Length  xxxx  xxxx  xx