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SalMarlerøy, leroeyfriele coffe


Norway is a pure region dominated by beautiful fjords, waterfalls, mountains, and untouched nature. The typical configuration of a fjord is a long, narrow, deep and steep-sided inlet, wich is fequentely branched and sinuous, or in part remarkably straight, wherer firstly the fluvial drainage and subsequentely the glaciers have followed major fracture zones. The Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord is perhaps the world´s most famous fjords.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 Learn about the FJORDS  (2:08)  Norway is famous the world over for ...  Several
 Norway in motion  (4:21)  Fjords are common along the coasts of Norway.  Several
 Finnmark, pictures of nature...  (7:13)  Finnmark is a county in the extreme northeastern part.  Finnmark
 Gas in the Norwegian Sea  (1:35)  The Norwegian Sea is not part of a continental shelf.  North Cape
 Fishing in Barents Sea  (4:40)  The Barents Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean.  Hammerfest
 Atlantic Salmon in Alta River  (14:51)  Altaelva is the third longest river in Finnmark.  Alta
 Salmon in Tans River  (2:03)  The river is the fifth longest in Norway.  Tana
 Lakselva river  (3:39)  It begins in Karasjok and runs into Porsangerfjorden.  Lakselv
 Neidenelva River  (6:13)  Norway´s third most productive river for salmon fishing.  Kirkenes
 Finnkirka  (1:40)  Finnkirka - Kurz vor Kjøllefjord  Kjøllefjord