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The administrative center of the municipality is the village of Eivindvik. Other villages in Gulen include Brekke, Byrknes, Dalsøyra, and Dingja. Gulen surrounds the Gulafjorden, which is considered to be the place where Norway´s west-coastal Vikings met at the Gulating, a governing body.

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Gulen´s economy has been centered around farming and fishing. Firda Sjøfarmer and Lakseslakteri Martin E Birknes Eftf is owned by Ola Braanaas which also own Skjerjehamn.

Visit the charming fishing village of Kalvåg or take the boat out Utvær, Norway´s westernmost island. During the summer season you may be guided at The Millennium site of Gulatinget, or visit attractions such as the Mill at Takle (Vassburksmiljøet), The wooden shoe factory (Treskofabrikken) at Sellevåg, visit the Fishermanfarmer museum (Fiskarbondemuseumet) at Byrknes etc.