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The administrative center of the municipality is the village of Eivindvik. Other villages in Gulen include Brekke, Byrknes, Dalsøyra, and Dingja. Gulen surrounds the Gulafjorden, which is considered to be the place where Norway´s west-coastal Vikings met at the Gulating, a governing body.

statue kong olav v, knut steen

Skjerjehamn an old Trading center is restored owned by Ola Braanaas and free for the public. You get to see the giant statue of King Olav the 5 made by Knut Steen, or experience the Utkantfestival a three day music festival.

This is where Norway´s first organised naval defence. The Leidang gathered when summoned by the King in the Viking era. You may also visit the Quarry at Hyllestad (Kvernsteinsparken), a trip over the Sognefjord from Rutledal.