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Verdal is rated as a small town by Norwegian standards, the area is in fact rural with huge areas well suited for hunting, fishing and outdoor life. The main river (Verdalselva) running through the municipality is well known as one of the best rivers in Norway for fishing salmon, and each fall the elk hunting in the area is one of the favourite activities for many of the locals.

Stiklestad museum

The battle of Stiklestad is one of the most famous and important in Norwegian history. Stiklestad is located about 4 km east of Verdalsøra and has become a national centre for culture with a museum, historical exhibitions and outdoor stage.

The Centre covers 6000 m2, and it comprises elements with historical ties such as the gable roof, wall, courtyard, rampart, bridge and crucifix.

Within walking distance from Stiklestad,there are two large burial sites from pre-Christian times.