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Ørland is rich in culture and natural beauty, with its flat landscape and unique light effects, makes it a favorite place for artists. Grandefjæra is an ornithologists paradise - 210 species have been registered.

 Kjeungskjær Lighthouse  
Kjeungskær lighthouse, Kjeungskaer Fyr

The Kjeungskær lighthouse is located on a tiny island at the mouth of the Bjugnfjorden about 3.5 kilometres west of the village of Uthaug and 5 kilometres south of the village of Nes in Bjugn.

It was built in 1880 and automated in 1987. Prior to being automated, the operators lived on the lower floors of the building. The lighthouse is lit from July 21st until May 16th every year. It is not lit during the late spring and early summer due to the midnight sun. The red lighthouse is an octagonal-shaped building that is 20.6 metres tall.

 Trond Østgaard