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You can see and experience different Museums, Collections, Open-air museum open all year. The county has large expanses of forest, mountains, waterways and traditional farming landscapes, as well as four national parks and two nature reserves.

 C U L T U R E  N A M E
T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P
 Domkirkeruinen  The ruins of the old Hamar Cathedral.  Hamar
 Hedmarksmuseet  Hedmarksmuseet is an open air museum.  Hamar
 Kirsten Flagstad museum  A small intimate museum.  Hamar
 Norsk Jernbanemuseum  Norway´s national Train-museum.  Hamar
 Atlungstad Brenneri  One of four remaining distilleries.  Stange
 Norsk Motorhistorisk museum  About 200 vehicles and machines are on display.  Stange
 Norwegian emigrant museum  About 200 vehicles and machines are on display.  Stange
 The Women"s Museum  Documentation of the life and work of women.  Kongsvinger
 Nordøsterdalsmuseet  Organization of many museums.  Tynset
 Prøysenhuset  Alf Prøysen a natonal trasure.  Rudshøgda
 Klevfos Industrimuseum  Museum for huntigen, forrest etc.  Løten
 Glomdalsmuseet  Museum for old buildings etc.  Elverum
 Norsk Skogmuseum  Museum for forrest, hunting etc.  Elverum
 Trysil/Engerdal Museum  Cultural history museum with museum buildings.  Trysil