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gratis annonse


The ski happy young people of Morgedal developed a new binding that fastened around the heel, making skis much easier to steer. These show that Morgedal can indeed call itself "The cradle of modern ski sports". And that again is why Morgedal was chosen as the site for lighting the Olympic Flame for the Winter Games in Oslo 1952, in Squaw Valley 1960 and in Lillehammer 1994.

 M U S E U M  N A M E  A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 Telemark Museum, Brekkeparken  Øvregate 41  Skien
 Bamble Museum  Cudriosgate 5  Langesund
 Kragerø Museum  Lovisenbergvg. 45  Kragerø
 Brevik Bymuseum  Kirkevegen 4  Brevik
 Bø Museum  Oterholtvegen 148  
 Henrik Ibsen Museum  Venstøphøgda 74  Skien
 Porsgrunn Bymuseum  Storgata  Porsgrunn
 Sjøfartsmuseet  Tollbugata 1  Porsgrunn
 Ulefos Hovedgaard  Statsraad Niels Aalls vei  Ulefoss