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Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The plateau on the North Cape cliff.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Finnmark, pictures of nature...  (7:13)  Finnmark is a county in the extreme northeastern part.  Finnmark
 The North Cape Cliff  (14:55)  In the summer, the area is full of reindeer.  Nordkapp
 The Midnight Sun at North Cape  (0:20)  The plateau is Europe´s northernmost corner.  Nordkapp
 Honningsvåg  (7:32)  The city at the North Cape.  Honningsvåg
 Knivskjellodden  (0:58)  Reaches one and a half kilometres further north.  Knivskjellodden
 Kamøyvær  (1:15)  Kamøyvær is located 12 km from Honningsvåg.  Kamøyvær
 Gjesvær  (6:32)  Located 34 km north-west of Honningsvåg.  Gjesvær
 Skarsvåg  (0:27)  From Skarsvåg, it is 14 km to the North Cape.  Skarsvåg
 Kirkeporten  (1:03)  Fascinating mountain formation Kirkeporten.  Kirkeporten
 Repvåg  (1:09)  Repvåg, Repvågstranda and Stranddalen.  Repvåg
 Birdsafari  (4:43)  Birdsafari at Gjesværstappan.  Gjesværstappan
 My Island  (7:13)  Finnmark, pictures of nature and places .  Finnmark
 My Island  (3:58)  the island most famous for it´s North Cape platou.  Magerøya
 Kingcrabs marching on  (3:13)  The bottom was alive.  Kirkenes
 Ice Hotel  (0:59)  A unique holiday in the ice hotel.  Alta
 Glimt fra Karasjokk  (4:12)  The cultural capital for the Saami people.  Karasjokk
 Northern Lights  (1:25)  Wonder over the luxuriant green vegetation.  Karasjokk
 Kongsfjord  (4:01)  Angling opportunities are good.  Kongsfjord
 Goliat oil platform  (3:20)  Goliat field is an offshore oil field in the Barents Sea.  Hammerfest