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Lofoten stretches like a wall of mountains to the southwest in the sea. Between the mainland and the Lofoten Wall lies the Vestfjord. Lofoten in January April which forms the basis of export of fish products. Regardless of the time of year the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Lofoten  (1:25)  Stretches like a wall of mountains to the sea.  Several
 Lofoten and Vesteralen  (4:22)  Lofoten are the most beautiful climbing areas ...  Several
 Skiing in Lofoten  (4:22)  Norway is truly the Cradle of Skiing.  Several
 Ski alp Isole Lofoten  (2:49)  Skiing developed in Norway.  Several
 Lofotr Viking ship  (9:50)  Sailing in the Lofoten Islands.  Several
 Bodø the movie  (4:50)  Known as the town of the sea eagle.  Bodø
 Saltstraumen  (9:52)  Powerful whirlpools can be up to 10 metres.  Bodø
 Summer in Kjerringøy  (3:02)  Located approx. 30 kilometres north of Bodø.  Kjerringøy
 Kjerringøy in October  (3:18)  Kjerringøy has many scenic jewels.  Kjerringøy
 Flying over  (7:15)  Variety and contrasts of nature.  Kjerringøy
 The seven sisters  (0:15)  The famous rock formation De Syv Søstre.  Sandnessjøen
 Levende Svolvær  (2:57)  Timelapse around Svolvær.  Svolvær
 Levende Svolvær 2  (3:56)  Timelapse around Svolvær.  Svolvær
 The Svolvær Goat  (8:30)  It represents a challenge to climbers.  Svolvær
 Islas Lofoten  (1:09)  Tjeldbergtinden peak.  Svolvær
 Norwegian Travel Worskhop  (7:42)  The town´s most characteristic feature.  Svolvær
 La perla delle Lofoten  (3:28)  the fishing villages of Reine.  Reine
 Midnight Sun golf  (3:28)  the fishing villages of Reine.  Reine
 Iles Lofoten  (1:04)  What a view.  Reine
 Hamnøy  (3:13)  the fishing villages of Hamnøy.  Hamnøy
 Lofoten view  (1:00)  Lofoten view from Vågakallen.  Henningsvær
 Laukvik  (10:6)  World Championships in topless tobogganing.  Laukvik
 Trollfjorden  (13:09)  From Svolvær to Trollfjord.  Trollfjord
 Trollfjorden, Trollfjordhytta..  (2:47)  The entrance is 300 feet wide.  Trollfjord
 Trollfjord  (2:19)  The entrance is 300 feet wide.  Trollfjord
 Svartisen Galcier  (3:32)  The second largest glacier in Norway.  Meløy
 Nusfjord  (1:31)  On the outer edge of Lofoten.  Flakstad
 Stamsund Lofoten  (1:21)  Røst with mild winters and cool summers.  Stamsund
 Værøy Island  (5:31)  Stockfish, produced from spawning cod.  Værøy
 Værøy   (5:35)  Stockfish, intended for the Italian market.  Værøy
 Halibut  (8:26)  Norway has hunting and fishing traditions.  Røst
 Halibut & coalfish hunting  (3:07)  Røst with mild winters and cool summers.  Røst
 Soela(Søla) Vega, timlapse  (0:47)  Panorama view to Søla.  Vega
 Some pictures from Vega  (4:45)  Vega is an archipelago comprising 6,000 islands.  Vega
 Andøy island  (0:39)  Andenes harbour.  Andøy
 Vesteraalen, Andenes  (5:43)  "Øya" means island.  Andenes
 Andenes  (1:16)  You can see the giant male sperm whales.  Andenes
 Whale watching safari  (0:28)  You can see the giant male sperm whales.  Andenes
 Spermwhale  (1:27)  See the giant male sperm whales.  Andenes
 Andenes beach  (0:39)  Andenes harbour.  Andenes
 Whalesafari  (1:52)  See the giant male sperm whales.  Andenes
 Andenes  (2:03)  The 10th largest island in the country.  Andenes
 Tranøy Fyr  (3:45)  Tranøy Fyr an old lighthouse.  Hamarøy
 Hunting moose  (4:56)  Elgjakt i Sørkil & Ulvsvåg.  Hamarøy
 Ofotbanen  (6:06)  From the Port of Narvik to Riksgränsen.  Narvik
 Narvik  (13:21)  Local Directory.  Narvik
 Narvik  (13:21)  Local Directory.  Narvik
 Stetind  (5:57)  The national mountain of Norway.  Tysfjord
 Sea Eagle  (0:13)  Sea Eagle catch a fish.  Tysfjord
 Orca´s in Tysfjord  (9:33)  Killer whales that enter the fjord every fall.  Tysfjord
 Orca´s in Tysfjord  (6:54)  Killer whales safaris since 1990.  Tysfjord
 Halibut Fever in Norway  (2:38)  Lofoten consists of wide open ocean.  North Norway
 Surfing in Lofoten  (2:57)  The great ocean itself, and the Gulf Stream.  North Norway
 Lofoten islands  (7:16)  High-quality stockfish from Lofoten.  North Norway
 Lofoten  (4:02)  Lofoten consists of mountains and peaks .....  North Norway
 Lofoten  (2:38)  Lofoten stretches like a wall of mountains.  North Norway
 Driving at E10 on Lofoten  (9:59)  Lofoten islands the midnight sun.  North Norway
 Lofoten Nature Exhibition1  (5:22)  Day of the Cod.  North Norway
 The Lofoten Islands  (4:12)  Cod is the vbasis of Lofoten´s existence.  North Norway
 The Lofoten Islands  (1:28)  A Fascinating Island Of The Far North.  North Norway
 The Lofoten Islands  (4:46)  Lofoten stretches like a wall of mountains.  North Norway
 Sea fishing  (2:00)  Norway has hunting and fishing traditions.  North Norway
 Viaggio in camper a Nordkapp  (4:05)  Sanitary facilities for Motorhomes in Norway.  North Norway