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Most westerly point: Utveer lighthouse in the municipality of Solund (the most westerly point in Norway). Most easterly point: Rauddalseggi in the Jotunheimen mountains in the municipality of Luster. Most southerly point: The Vargebreen glacier in Aurland. Most northerly point: Stadlandet in the municipality of Selje. Highest point: The Store Skagastølstind mountain which rises to 2.403 metres above sea level. Deepest point: The Sognefjord in the municipality of Høyanger where the fjord is 1.303 metres deep. Deepest lake: Hornindalsvatn lake, which is 514 metres deep.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Flåmsbana  (7:13)  The natural beauty of the Flåm Valley.  Flåm
 Flåmsbana  (3:09)  The natural beauty of the Flåm Valley.  Flåm
 Flåm  (2:36)  Pictures from the fjords around.  Flåm
 Flåmsbana  (4:20)  Video van de Flåmbana spoorweg.  Flåm
 Flåm Railway  (5:27)  Recorregut amb el tren de Flåm.  Flåm
 Rallarvegen  (3:09)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several
 Rallarvegen1  (9:13)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several
 Rallarvegen2  (9:12)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several
 Rallarvegen3  (9:11)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several
 Rallarvegen4  (9:13)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several
 Rallarvegen5  (6:46)  Northern Europe´s largest mountain plateau.  Several
 Nordfjord  (8:50)  The Most Relaxing Places On Earth.  Several
 Nærøyfjord  (6:48)  Walking along the Nærøyfjord.  Aurland
 Nærøyfjord  (5:39)  The World Heritage List .  Aurland
 Fjærland - Balestrand  (7:38)  Local Directory.  Sogndal
 The fjords  (1:45)  The world´s longest fjord.  Balestrand
 Balestrand  (4:44)  Special and unique architecture.  Balestrand
 Bremanger  (1:08)  There are many idyllic places in Bremanger.  Bremanger
 Kalvåg  (3:08)  The fishing village Kalvåg.  Bremanger
 Gaularfjelletvegen  (6:16)  Waterfall road.  Gaular
 Happy Days  (3:17)  Stryn Sommarskisenter.  Stryn
 Kjenndalen  (5:50)  A impressive scenery.  Stryn
 Speed Stryn  (3:16)  Local Directory.  Stryn
 Stryn 2007  (3:33)  Local Directory.  Stryn
 Strynefjellet jun 2006  (3:38)  Local Directory.  Stryn
 Going to Stryn  (0:40)  Local Directory.  Stryn
 Slakk line i Briksdalen  (0:40)  Local Directory.  Stryn
 Fishing River Stryn  (2:36)  Salmon and seatroutriver.  Stryn
 Briksdal Glacier  (1:18)  The wild glacier is a fantastic work of Nature.  Briksdalen
 Steep Skiing  (6:54)  Skiing steep in the three valleys.  Luster
 Highcamp Turtagrø  (4:00)  Ringstind.  Luster
 5 days in February  (2:34)  The Fjord horse is a big working horse.  Gloppen
 A great place to be  (5:09)  Tell Teigen, a balance artist.  Høyanger
 A small stop ...  (2:40)  Et lite stopp...  Skjerjehamn
 Ski Fjord Norway  (3:04)  Fjord Norway offers great skiing.  Vest Norway
 Norway Fjords  (4:47)  Trygve Lie was the first Secretary General  Vest Norway
 Fjord Norway  (7:27)  The World Heritage List.  Vest Norway
 Norwegian fjords  (4:47)  Norway measures 386,958 square kilometres.  Vest Norway
 Fjords  (5:04)  Facts about Norway.  Vest Norway
 Beautiful Vestlandet  (7:14)  Facts about Norway.  Vest Norway
 Jostedalsbreen glacier  (7:49)  The largest mainland glacier.  Vest Norway
 Bøyabreen glacier  (3:08)  Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark.  Vest Norway