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Buskerud County has a beautiful nature and you will probably find everything what Norway has to offer in a nutshell. You can see and experience a lot of long, sun filled summer days, but also spring, autumm and winter offer a rich cultural life. The best skiresorts in Norway, Hemsedal, Geilo, Gol, Norefjell, Nesbyen and Kongsberg. The main city is Drammen.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Urban Drammen  (5:30)  The city centre lies at the end of a valley.  Drammen
 Elvebyen Drammen  (3:42)  The city grew up around the Drammen River.  Drammen
 Drammen´s hjerte  (3:28)  Drammen is situated in a beautiful valley.  Drammen
 Spiral tunnel  (3:29)  Spiralen the roof of Drammen.  Drammen
 Ypsilon Bridge  (1:56)  Pedestrian bridge called YPSILON.  Drammen
 Kjøsterudjuvet  (4:38)  A wilderness walk.  Drammen
 City bridge  (3:33)  Lights in town centre Drammen.  Drammen
 Downtown Of Drammen  (3:35)  Take a cruise on the river.  Drammen
 Good Sunday in Aron..  (1:56)  Alpine skiing on the Bragernes side.  Drammen
 Drammensbadet  (2:07)  Drammensbadet offers a 50-metre pool.  Drammen
 A walk around Drammen  (1:36)  A walk around Drammen.  Drammen
 Bragernesåsen hill  (2:48)  A walk in Bragernesåsen hill.  Drammen
 Gulskogen estate  (3:36)  Gulskogen estate, a pearl among manors.  Drammen
 A walk around Marienlyst Gård  (2:32)  Drammens Museum is centrally situated in the city.  Drammen
 Øvre Sund bridge  (5:00)  Drammen newest bridge open September 2011.  Drammen
 Lyngås Motor Court  (6:42)  The last race is run on Lyngås Motor Court.  Lier
 Vikersundbakken 246.5 meter  (2:10)  The World record is 246.5 meter.  Vikersund
 Vikersundbakken  (2:11)  The Worlds largest Ski Jumping Hill.  Vikersund
 Åmot Norway  (4:10)  One of the most visited tourist attractions.  Åmot
 Haugfossen waterfall  (1:30)  Blaafarveværkets old general store.  Åmot
 Torgforvandling i Mjøndalen  (1:21)  Herman Wildenvey was born at Portåsen.  Mjøndalen
 Salmon klipp  (5:47)  One of the best salmon rivers in Norway.  Hellefossen
 Salmonfish friday 13  (6:42)  The Salmon weight 18,6 kg.  Hellefossen
 Vestfossen  (6:10)  Jonas Lie (1833-1908) was born in Hokksund  Vestfossen
 Holmsbu Billedgalleri  (2:56)  Henrik Sørensens collection.  Holmsbu
 Holmsbu   (3:44)  Verket, Holmsbu, Drammen.  Holmsbu
 Ferrytrip between Verket...  (3:06)  Ferrytrip between Buskerud and Vestfold.  Verket
 Oslofjord tunnelen  (7:03)  A trip under the Oslofjord.  Hurum
 Beautiful view from...  (0:49)  Sætre is a village in Hurum.  Sætre
 City of Technology  (5:48)  Best known for being the home of Norway´s major....  Kongsberg
 Kongsberg Jazzfestival  (1:03)  International jazz festival held annually since 1964.  Kongsberg
 The silver mines  (3:48)  The largest mining field in Norway.  Kongsberg
 Hallingskarvet  (10:43)  The Park is approximately 450 km2.  Geilo
 Geilo Summer  (2:48)  Geilo summer fascination.  Geilo
 Winter Hallingskarvet  (9:44)  Vinter rundt skarvet.  Geilo
 Rafting Dagali  (12:31)  Rafting.  Geilo
 Hemsedal Winter  (3:21)  Hemsedal is an Ski ElDorado.  Hemsedal
 Hemsedal Summer  (3:22)  Climbing, mountain walking, mountain biking.  Hemsedal
 Golsfjellet  (1:39)  Mountain plateau between Gol, Hemsedal and Valdres.  Gol
 Storefjell Resort Hotel  (4:29)  Full service hotel on the high mountain.  Gol
 Ringerike  (4:44)  Ringerike is famous for two agriculture products.  Hønefoss
 Guidet tur  (10:11)  Lahellholmen bathing place from smooth rocks.  Slemmestad
 Norwegian Folklore  (4:07)  Troll Magic painter.  Sigdal
 Demo Rollag  (4:07)  The museum was founded in 1946.  Rollag
 The Numedal Stave churches  (8:38)  Flesberg, Rollag, Nore and Uvdal stave churches.  Numedal
 Uvdal Stave Church  (1:46)  Air view from Uvdal stave church.  Uvdal
 Uvdal Stave Church  (3:07)  Exterior shot from the surroundings.  Uvdal
 Uvdal Stave Church  (4:38)  A small wooden medieval stave church.  Uvdal
 Hardangervidda1  (8:12)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda2  (5:36)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda3  (9:18)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Rallarvegen  (3:09)  Fascinating and dramatic cycling experience.  Several