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The Scandinavian summer and its long days are at their best in Vestfold. The beautiful coastline, scattered with magnificent beaches and majestic bare rock faces, tempts many to bathe. If you are interested in history, Vestfold has a rich selection of historical treasures from ancient and Viking times, enabling you to go back in time to the very heart of the Norwegian culture. Vestfold is an Eldorado for golfers of all levels.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Viking For A Day  (8:55)  Reproducing Viking parts, from art and religion.  Several
 Helikoptertrip  (2:53)  The 123 km coastline is a summer paradise.  Several
 Kon-Tiki  (2:29)  Thor Heyerdahl was born here.  Larvik
 Dampskipskaia  (1:09)  A pearl full of life and laughter.  Larvik
 Brygga i Helgeroa  (0:38)  Helgeroa is yet another pearl.  Larvik
 Slottsfjellet til Verdens Ende  (5:12)  "World´s End" lies furthest south on Tjøme.  Tønsberg
 God of this city  (5:04)  Norway´s oldest town.  Tønsberg
 Vikingenes hovedstad  (3:33)  One of the centres of power.  Tønsberg
 My Town Sandefjord  (3:59)  The beautiful coastline, with small islands.  Sandefjord
 Horten  (5:55)  Åsgårdstrand, Edvard Munchs summerplace.  Horten
 Svelvik  (3:26)  Svelvik the small and charming village.  Svelvik
 Velcome to Svelvik  (3:19)  A ferry in the middle of the village.  Svelvik
 Sande  (3:13)  Sande has grown significantly.  Sande
 Holmestrand  (3:45)  From the quay, you view all the boatlife.  Holmestrand
 The World´s End  (3:02)  The "basket lighthouse" were built in 1932.  Tjøme
 Hvasser outside Tønsberg  (3:18)  There is a pilot-boat harbour.  Hvasser
 Stokke Tripp Tapp Chair  (1:58)  Chair from Stokke.  Stokke
 Veierland  (2:39)  The island has daily ferry connections.  Veierland