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The Nobel Peace Prize announcement of the laureate´s name is not made on a fixed date, but is often made on a Friday in mid-October. The announcement takes place in the Nobel Institute building and has become a major news event. The Peace Prize is awarded annually on 10 December, the day on which Alfred Nobel died in 1896.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 This is Norway  (7:44)  Welcome to Norway.  Norway
 Norway alongside  (5:47)  Spectacular film.  Norway
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 10 Must See places...  (7:09)  A travel guide to Norway showing the top 10 places.  Several
 10 Reasons Norway is...  (3:20)  ... the Greatest Place on Earth.  Several
 I Love Democracy  (53:11)  The Happiest Country of the World.  Norway
 Norway Travel Video...  (51:32)  Learn about Norway on Video.  Norway
 Greetings from Norway1  (9:52)  Norway is a constitutional monarchy.  Norway
 Greetings from Norway2  (9:59)  There are approximately 4.8 million Norwegians.  Norway
 Greetings from Norway3  (9:53)  Norway is one of the five Nordic nations.  Norway
 Greetings from Norway4  (9:50)  In Norway the currency is named Kroner (NOK).  Norway
 Greetings from Norway5  (8:23)  The 17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day  Norway
 The Royal Family  (4:26)  The Royal Family  Norway
 Auf zum Nordkap!  (9:30)  Norway is one of the five Nordic nations.  Norway
 Powered by Nature  (5:06)  Norway measures 386,958 square kilometres.  Norway
 Norwegian landscapes  (4:25)  Norway is one of the five Nordic nations.  Norway
 How to Count to 10 in Norwegian  (2:30)  Learn the unique letters  Æ  -  Ø  -  Å.  Norway
 Norwegia 2011  (5:17)  Events in Norway.  Norway
 Norwegians for beginners  (3:18)  Language.  Norway
 The Most Beautiful Country  (4:18)  Norway is a member of NATO  Norway
 A taste of Norway  (1:21)  Norway was united with Sweden  Norway
 Norway in a Nutshell  (6:37)  The country is long and narrow  Norway
 Norway  (6:37)  This is Norway  Norway
 Monty Python  (1:15)  Norwegian Party.  Norway
 Beautiful Norway  (3:23)  Norwegian Party.  Norway
 Norwegen Reise  (2:21)  The most spectacular country in Scandinavia.  Norway
 Northern Lights  (4:06)  Northern lights originate from our sun.  North Norway
 Joanna Lumley finds it.  (4:52)  The scientific name Aurora Borealis.  North Norway
 Spectacular Northern Lights  (4:52)  During large explosions and flares.  North Norway
 Amazing Northern Lights  (4:24)  The solar particles are stopped by Earth.  North Norway
 Beautiful Norway  (2:50)  Norway measures 386,958 square kilometres.  Norway
 Norwegian Nature  (4:14)  Nearly half of the country is mountain ranges.  Norway
 Visit Norway in 7 min.  (7:02)  The best place in the world to live.  Norway
 The Most Beautiful Country  (3:37)  Norway is long and narrow  Norway
 Vikings  (4:26)  Vikings, warriors from Scandinavia.  Norway
 Land of the Vikings  (3:12)  Vikingsship.  Norway
 Winter in Norway  (4:45)  The seat of government is Oslo.  Norway
 Wild Europe (BBC)  (3:07)  The country is long and narrow.  Norway
 Norway, my home  (4:30)  The best destination in the world.  Norway
 Todalen Trollheimen  (2:40)  The best destination.  Norway
 Norwegian winter  (9:44)  Norway is truly the "Cradle of Skiing".  Norway
 Fiorduri Norvegia  (6:10)  Fiorduri in Norvegia.  Norway
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