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Video from Norway
Videos from all over Norway in citys, beautiful fjords, mountains, and untouched nature.
Norway is divided into 19 countys. Each County is divided into different municipalities
(Municipality for the whole country is 428).

 V I D E O S  C O U N T Y
 VIDEOs from all over Norway  19 COUNTIES
 VIDEOs from the Costal Steamer    8 COUNTIES
 VIDEOs of the Northern Light    3 COUNTIES
 VIDEOs of the Midnight Sun    3 COUNTIES
 VIDEOs from North Cape    1 COUNTIES
 E A S T  N O R W A Y  
 VIDEOs from Oslo  OSLO
 VIDEOs from Buskerud  BUSKERUD
 VIDEOs from Akershus  AKERSHUS
 VIDEOs from Vestfold  VESTFOLD
 VIDEOs from Østfold  ØSTFOLD
 VIDEOs from Hedmark  HEDMARK
 VIDEOs from Oppland  OPPLAND
 S O U T H  N O R W A Y  
 VIDEOs from Aust Agder  AUST AGDER
 VIDEOs from Vest Agder  VEST AGDER
 VIDEOs from Telemark  TELEMARK
 V E S T  N O R W A Y  
 VIDEOs from Møre & Romsdal  MØRE & ROMSDAL
 VIDEOs from Sogn & Fjordane  SOGN & FJORDANE
 VIDEOs from Hordaland  HORDALAND
 VIDEOs from Rogaland  ROGALAND
 M I D  N O R W A Y  
 VIDEOs from Nord Trøndelag  NORD TRØNDELAG
 VIDEOs from Sør Trøndelag  SØR TRØNDELAG
 N O R T H  N O R W A Y  
 VIDEOs from Nordland  NORDLAND
 VIDEOs from Troms  TROMS
 VIDEOs from Finnmark  FINNMARK
 S V A L B A R D  
 VIDEOs from Svalbard  SVALBARD