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Larvik is many sided. A summer holiday in Larvik beats a trip to the South any time. Larvik, town of the open Fjord which embraces it´s small harbours, an area which simply seethes with summer life, whilst leaving room for stillness and dreams.


On the mountain above Ula there is a view over one of Norway´s most beautiful skerry areas. From here you may see the island groups of Færder, Rauer and Svenner a landscape with its own charm, both in storm and calm. This beautiful old pilot harbour is today one of Larvik´s many holiday idylls. Ula camping is a camper´s paradise.

People come from far away to savour the skerries natural environment and Norway´s most environmental friendly campsite, free from cars and caravans, quiet and safe for children with large nature areas, fantastic beaches and skerry formations.

 Anita Pedersen