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Larvik is many sided. A summer holiday in Larvik beats a trip to the South any time. Larvik, town of the open Fjord which embraces it´s small harbours, an area which simply seethes with summer life, whilst leaving room for stillness and dreams.

 Fritzøe Brygge  
Fritzøe Brygge

Larvik is famous for its beautiful Beechwood, a well loved recreation spot for the town´s population - our very own natural living room. In the town´s little skerry park, Tollerodden, a stone´s throw from the nautical museum, are placed statues of both Thor Heyerdahl and Colin Archer, reminding us of the great significance the sea has had for Larvik.

It is advised to visit the the unique beach under the hotel in the centre of the town and the artist town of Stavern, also known as "Norway´s Smile", is situated 10 minutes by car from Larvik.

 Bjørn O. Hansen