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It was at Rjukan and Vemork power station that the sabotage of the heavy water plant
was carried out during World War II
. The valleys which stretch out towards Numedal, Tessungdalen, Skjervedal, and Nystødalen.

 Skinnarbu Mountainlodge  
Skinnarbu Rjukan was created by Norsk Hydro at the turn of the century. The name comes from Rjukanfossen, the "smoking" falls, which were a famous sight before Sam Eyde harnessed it as the new community´s most important source of power. Before it was developed by Hydro, Vestfjorddalen was a road-less, barely accessible out-of-the-way place.

There are developed tourist areas at Gaustablikk below the Gaustatoppen mountain and at Skinnarbu near the Møsvatn lake.
 Skinnarbu Mountainlodge