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Otta is situated in the heart of Gudbrandsdal valley, at the meeting point of highway E6, road 15 and the railway. Otta is the foremost tourist center in the Gubrandsdal valley.


Rondane National Park was Norway´s first national park, set aside in 1962. Some 200 km2 of the park´s 570 km2 are in the so-called high-alpine region, i.e., more than 1445 metres above sea level. Rondane´s highest peak, Rondeslottet, 2178 metres above sea level.

Høvringen and Mysuseter offer more than 1000 beds, in mountain lodges and hotels steeped in tradition. Magnificent nature and an excellent point of departure for excursion into the Rondane mountains either summer and wintertime.

 Smuksjøseter Fjellstue