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Tønsberg, founded in the Viking-Ages, is Norway´s oldest town. The world renowned Oseberg ship which was found just north of Tønsberg bears proof of this.

Tønsberg, Toensberg

Tønsberg is a commercial and shipping town since the Viking ages, Tønsberg renowned as a Hansa town and also as a whaling town.

Castle Hill a 63 metres high cliff with steep sides dominates the town. The present tower on Castle Rock was built in 1888. The tower is 17 metres high and has the engraved signatures of three Norwegian kings. Today it is the main road into Tønsberg centre and to the islands of Nøtterøy and Tjøme.

The big grave mounds in Borre National Park (Horten) and the finds of Gokstad ship and Oseberg ship, prove that this branch of the royal family lived in luxurious conditions.

 Trond Østgaard