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Oslo the capitol of Norway is surrounded by forest and fjord. An important part of the city´s political tradition is to preserve the fjord and the area surrounding the city for leisure and outdoor pursuits. From backwater to one of the glittering cities of Europe. Restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

 The Angry Boy  
The Angry Boy The Angry Boy is the most photographed statue in the park. The most celebrated work is the 52-foot monolith composed of 121 colossal figures, all carved into one piece of stone.

The lifetime work of Gustav Vigeland, Norway´s greatest sculptor, is on display in 80 acre Frogner Park, in western Oslo. The Vigeland Sculpture Park have more than 200 sculptures in granite, bronze, and iron are here.

The Fountain, The Monolith, The Bridge Statues and the Wheel of Life illustrate the Cycle of Life, all aspects of human relations and emotions.
 Bjørn O. Hansen