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The E6, E14 and Rv 705 all meet in Stjørdal; the Nordlands railway line and the Meråker line (to Sweden) both pass trough the region and Trondheim´s airport at Værnes has several daily connections to large towns in Norway.

 Miss Univers 1990  
Miss Univers 1990, Mona Grudt

The village of Hell (have their own award winning site on the Internet), lies 30 km northeast of Trondheim on the E6 highway.

In 1990 was Mona Grudt elected Miss Univers. She is now a official Ambassador of Hell.

David Letterman, is the host of the Late Show in New York. No one executes sarcastic remarks like Letterman and among David´s better known incidents are an inteviewed with Miss Universe, where he asked since she was the Beauty Queen from Hell, that her father must be the Devil.

 Bjørn Hansen