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Frogn municipality is situated between the Oslofjorden and the Bunnefjorden south of Nesodden. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Frogn. The most modern airport in Europe lies in Akershus Oslo International Airport Gardermoen.

 Oscarsborg Fortress  
Oscarsborg Fortress

Oscarsborg fortress is situated on the shores of the Drøbak Sound, at the narrowest point of the Oslofjord. It was built to protect Oslo from possible amphibious attack.

Oscarsborg and Colonel Birger Eriksen from Moskenes, who was commander of Oscarsborg Fort is best known for the sinking of the German warship "Blücher" on the 9th of April 1940, the day that Germany invaded Norway during the Second World War. The action allowed the King and government enough time to flee Oslo so that they could lead Norway´s effort in the struggle for liberation from abroad.

 Jørgen Jørgensen