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Whoever visits Kongsberg, the "Silver City", is surprised to find how much this city has to offer. Kongsberg is reknown for its long and active skiing tradition, with a stable, continental climate, is a focal point between hills and mountains, popular with both residents and visitors.

 Nybrufoss waterfall  
Nybru waterfall

Roaring Nybru waterfall cascades the lively Lågen river through the center of Kongsberg. Close by its wide arc of silvery torrents are the Old Inn (Gamlekroa), the Royal Norwegian Mint, which has been operating in Kongsberg since 1686, the Norwegian Mining Museum, The Royal Mint Museum, Kongsberg Ski Museum, The Kongsberg Industry Museum and Magasin Park.

The Kongsberg Ski Museum collection of equipment and prizes of famous Kongsberg skiers, like the Ruud-brothers. More then 5.000 trophies are exhibited (included 7 Olympic Medals).

 Bjørn O. Hansen