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Whoever visits Kongsberg, the "Silver City", is surprised to find how much this city has to offer. Kongsberg is reknown for its long and active skiing tradition, with a stable, continental climate, is a focal point between hills and mountains, popular with both residents and visitors.

 Jonsknuten (904 metres)  

Jonsknuten mountain known by the locals as Knuten, are situated in Saggrenda, 8 kilometres west of Kongsberg, towards Notodden. There is a road to Knutehytta cabin and to the TV-tower.

For more than 30 years, the Kongsberg International Jazz Festival has brought internationally recognized performers to Kongsberg for a few hectic days in July. The traditionally Kongsberg-Marken (Fair) is arranged in February every year, and 25.000 visitors come to the city for a some days of fun and bargains.

 Jørgen Jørgensen