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Whoever visits Kongsberg, the "Silver City", is surprised to find how much this city has to offer. Kongsberg is reknown for its long and active skiing tradition, with a stable, continental climate, is a focal point between hills and mountains, popular with both residents and visitors.

 The King´s Mine  
The Silver Mines

The Silver Mines are situated in Saggrenda, 8 kilometres west of Kongsberg, towards Notodden.

Nowadays you can experience this fascinating history both above and below ground! The guides will tell you about peoples´ living-and working conditions as well as mining technology, geology, the history of coin making and the glorious history of ski jumping in Kongsberg.

A mine train brings you 2.300 metres into the King´s mine where professional guides will give you a guided tour. The visiting area is located 342 metres below the surface.

 Jørgen Jørgensen