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If you want a panoramic view, closeness to nature and refreshments all in one package, then the Spiral Top is the place to go. Here you can see the city, the river, the fjord and surrounding areas, with the mountains in Kongsberg and Numedal on the horizon. The Spiral Top is constructed on top of the old outer bulwarks on Bragernes Hill. Tollroad to the Spiral Top.

These were built during the period when relations between Norway and Sweden were tense, prior to the the dissolving of the the Swdedish-dominated union 1905, and were intended to protect the city from possible attacks from the south. A Cocherill canon from 1904 still stands there as a reminder of this period in Norwegian history.

The Spiral Top is also a good starting point for walking trails during the summer and ski trails during the winter. From here you can go off on a long day tip into Drammen Forest (Drammensmarka) or simply go for a stroll along one of the many walking trails around the hillsides. Pushchairs are no problem here.

There is a 2 km long nature trail with activity posts along the way; an enjoyable experience for both young and old. And if you are really lucky, you might come across an elk! There is a rich and varied animal life in the area.

Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant is the perfect place to finish off your day with good food, a fantastic panoramic view and pleasant surroundings.

Hamborgstrøm forest
  Spiral Tunnel


Spiralen is for the people of Drammen what Fløyen is for the people of Bergen, the natural choice for a panoramic view, and enjoyable walks in the woods.

The tunnel inside Bragernes Hill climbs in spiral-form from 50 metres (approximately 650 feet) to over 200 metres (approximately 2600 feet) above sea-level. You can literally put your steering-weel into "veer-left mode", and continue up and up until you reach he top. The tunnel, which is 1.650 metres long, is formed like a coil spring, and makes six sharp turns on the ascent up to the top.

The Spiral Tunnel was opened on the occasion of the city´s 150 years anniversiry in 1961. It was originally an open quarry that was dug out at the turn of the century to supply fill for the city´s road construction work. The Spiral Tunnel has been a popular attraction ever since.

Spiralen open-air museum


The Open-Air Museum is located northwest of Spiraltoppen. This lovely woodland area includes several old village houses displaying yesterday´s homes, building style and trades in Buskerud county.

On the ridge below Spiral Top you can follow the old footpaths, built by citizens more than hundred years ago, and visit Åspavlijongen Cafe and Restaurant