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Larvik is many sided. A summer holiday in Larvik beats a trip to the South any time. Larvik, town of the open Fjord which embraces it´s small harbours, an area which simply seethes with summer life, whilst leaving room for stillness and dreams.

 Stavern Kysthospital  
Stavern Kysthospital

A few minute´s drive south of Larvik lies the the happy little summer town of Stavern, lies the pearl Kysthospitalet.

Helgeroa is yet another pearl in our band of hamlets along the coast, facing west and therefore sunny.

Nevlunghavn wehre the open sea meets the little fishing town which has managcd to preserve its´ original character. Nevlunghavn has been placed on the United Nations list of places worthy of preservation.

Further west lies Mølen where the Vestfold Ra, the gigantic moraine from the ice age, meets the sea.

 Bjørn O. Hansen