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ekeberg restaurant
ekeberg restauranten

The old one was build in 1916 by Tiedemanns Tobakksfabrikk. In 1927 the Oslo architect Lars Backer won a competition to draw the new Ekebergrestaurant. In 1929 was the funkis-building ready to use. The new restaurant has retained the Functionalist-style and is decorated sparsely yet tastefully inside. Huge windows and lots of light and lots of different areas to sit and hang out. Downstairs, there is a lounge area and a restaurant area. Upstairs, a bar with a spacious balconey and a fireplace area. There are also rooms for larger parties and weddings.

The funkis-restaurant lies on a hill with a panorama view overlooking Oslo, approximately 10 minutes by Taxi from the Central Station.

Edvard Munch wrote of how the painting of "Scream" came to be: "I was walking down the road with two friends when the sun set; suddenly, the sky turned as red as blood. I stopped and leaned against the fence, feeling unspeakably tired. The landscape in the background on the "Scream" is the Oslofjord, viewed from Ekeberg.


Right down from the restaurant lies the new Opera House at Bjørvika by the architechtfirm Snøhetta and the Middle Age park.
  christian ringnesCHRISTIAN RINGNES

In the 90´ the restaurant was closed down and was in a bad condition when Christian Ringnes baught it. He used 40 million NOK into the rehabilitation of the dilapidated funkis-building.

Christian Ringnes and his company Eiendomsspar bought the building where the Ibsen Museum occupies the last home of the playwright Henrik Ibsen and is located close to the Royal Palace. Christian Ringnes is by family the owner to Ringnes Brewery. Ringnes & Co. was established by the brothers Amund and Ellef Ringnes and consul Axel Heiberg. In 1858 the two brothers decided to leave the farm, Ringnes Gård in Krødsherad.

They travelled first to Drammen where they went to school, but after a few years the went to the capital and get a job at Christiania Brewery. After some time they met Axel Heiberg and he get down the money to establish the Ringnes Brewery. The inhabitants and visitors to Oslo, can now enjoy a Ringnes beer and have a amazing view at the same time on the roof of Oslo.

Ekeberg Park (Ekebergparken) is a gift from Christian Ringnes to Oslo. Ekebergparken is a sculpture and national Heritage park for the people of Oslo and visitors looking for a unique experience.

Christian Ringnes is also the owner of the world´s first Mini Bottle Gallery with more than 53.000 bottles on 1.500 m2.