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Morgedal is famous throughout Norway as the "cradle of skiing". Vrådal is the district´s main tourist centre with large lakes and numerous islands. Surrounding these lakes there are mountains and forest, as far as you can see. Vrådal is a fresh water eldorado.

Vrådal, Vraadal

In beautiful nature and with lots of traditions you find Vrådal. Vrådal is a fresh water eldorado, popular for bathing, fishing, rowing, canoeing and water sports. Picnic on the island is an unforgettable experience in a stressless atmosphere. In Lake Nisser there are 27 islands, many of them with lovely beaches.

In the winter, alpine skiing and snowboarding are the main activities.

The Telemark Canal one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe, and stretches 105 kilometres from Skien to Dalen.

 Vrådal Panorama